Ewen Chia – Mini Ebook Secrets

Ewen Chia – Mini Ebook Secrets

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“Finally Revealed! You Can Use These Amazing Secretive Tactics To Spit Out Your Own ‘Mini’ Ebooks In 24 Hours Or Less, Build A Massive Opt-In List, And EXPLODE Your Affiliate Commissions…All At The Same Time!”


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Mini Ebook Secrets

Yes! YOU Can Promote ANY Affiliate Program Automatically Simply By Creating And Giving Away Free Mini Ebooks! It’s The Easiest And Quickest Way To Consistently HUGE Affiliate Checks And Becoming A Top Affiliate! “Finally Revealed! You Can Use These Amazing Secretive Tactics To Spit Out Your Own ‘Mini’ Ebooks In 24 Hours Or Less, Build A Massive Opt-In List, And EXPLODE Your Affiliate Commissions… All At The Same Time!

If You’re Trying To Promote Affiliate Programs Online, I Urge You To Read This Letter Now

From: Cliff Mee Re : How To Be A Top Affiliate In Any Program Almost Instantly Dear Affiliate Marketer, It’s shockingly simple… If you haven’t made a dime online yet… and… if you would like to know how to build a huge list of subscribers and skyrocket your income at the same time, then this may be the single most important letter you’ll ever read…Here’s why:In less than 30 seconds, you can take advantage of a staggeringly powerful but grossly under-utilized affiliate marketing strategy.A strategy that’ll have YOU spitting out your own viral ebooks, while increasing your affiliate commissions by at least 300% quickly and easily.Now for the first time ever, you can become an instant ebook publisher AND high-earning affiliate just by following a few simple techniques you’re about to learn!If you haven’t made a dime online yet, this may be the single most important letter you’ll ever need to read…You can finally end those endless days of hard work and hair-pulling frustrations from promoting your affiliate programs, with nothing to show for results.If you stick with me here, you can possess an affiliate marketing discovery that’ll change everything you thought you knew about promoting affiliate programs online!

WHY should YOU be among the 90% of affiliates who never make a cent online, when You Could Easily Make Piles Of Money And Be In The Top 10% ?!

It’s amazingly easy to do this when you know how. For example, sign up for my free ecourse “How To Be In The Top 10% Of Affiliates Raking In Massive Profits Online!” and discover the same tricks I use myself to be a top affiliate…
Fact is, affiliate program earnings will represent 20% or $53 BILLION of all e-commerce sales by 2005 (Forrester Research data). That’s a huge enough pie for every affiliate to retire on!Listen, those wealthy affiliates are not any smarter or harder-working than you, they just know how to market their affiliate programs effectively.They know what works and what doesn’t work to rake in super affiliate commissions.They know something YOU DON’T know to produce cash-generating results. But wait…

The tables are gonna turn in YOUR FAVOUR!

You will be completely shocked with delight, once you discover a ‘secret technique’ I’m about to reveal to you.A simple technique so astoundingly effective, it’ll shoot you straight up into the TOP 20% of affiliates making big money online!You see, I’ve devised a ‘ magical ‘ affiliate marketing strategy so powerful that many marketers are telling me to just plain shut up about it! Ask yourself this : can you imagine yourself cracking the code to affiliate success?If you can, I’ll show you an automatic way to promote any affiliate programs, one which you can turn on once and forget about forever.At the same time, you’ll be building massive opt-in lists of red hot targeted prospects to astronomical proportions.Prospects who put affiliate cash into your pockets day in and out!This is what Bryan Winters, owner of Push Button Publishing has to say about my strategy…

“Exciting Stuff!”

Ewen, this is exciting stuff! ‘Mini Ebook Secrets’ is jam packed with virtually everything one needs to know in order to profit like mad – not just with affiliate programs – but online in general! You sure know what works, being one of my top performing affiliates . Anyone who’s serious about making money with their affiliate programs had better pay attention.In fact, the resources, methods, and secrets you reveal inside are many of the very same that I use to bring in tens-of-thousands of dollars every month online, from the comfort of home!Seriously, if a person can’t succeed after absorbing and putting into practice the information you’ve laid out in ‘Mini Ebook Secrets’ – God help them!Best Regards,– Bryan Winters http://www.pushbuttonpublishing.com

Truth is, with what you’re about to learn…

You Can Become A Top Affiliate In Any Program, And Start Cashing In This Very Moment!

Let’s not beat about the bush, that’s just not my style.What you’re about to learn is ONE affiliate marketing strategy ( yes, just one, not twenty useless techniques that don’t work ) that can very well make the difference between YOU being an affiliate marketing CHAMPION or FAILURE.It’s a surprisingly simple strategy that can turn you into a top affiliate, while blasting you with tons of free advertising, subscribers and commissions!And this is possible… As long as you’re able to give something away for FREE! Revealed for the first time, you’ll discover jealously-guarded techniques for churning out ‘mini’ (3-20 pages) ebooks FAST to promote your affiliate programs with. You’ll also learn how to give them away by the thousands while building huge opt-in lists from scratch…all at the same time!Erase any doubts from your mind right now, this is devastatingly effective , and it’ll be your hidden weapon for maximum affiliate profits…

“GREAT ideas and concepts!”

“Mini Ebook Secrets” will definitely revolutionize the affiliate system and increase profits for the affiliates as well as the product/service owner!A definite ‘ MUST READ ‘!– Diane Hugheshttp://ProBizTips.com

Here’s how you can easily guarantee your success as a cash-generating affiliate marketer immediately…

“Mini Ebook Secrets”

How To Create MINI Sized Ebooks For Guaranteed Affiliate Profits!

Mini Ebook Secrets ” is a breakthrough 84 page manual revealing exclusive secrets on how gurus are able to create mini ebooks instantaneously. These ebooks are then used as the ultimate affiliate marketing weapon to : Drive affiliate commissions through the roof month after month! Build highly targeted opt-in lists with almost zero effort!

Here’s a quick look at the table of contents :

Introduction : What’s This About? PART A – Getting It All TogetherChapter 1 : Secrets To The Right Affiliate ProgramChapter 2 : Super Affiliate’s Profit ToolsChapter 3 : The “Profit Loop System”PART B – Mini Ebook CreationChapter 4 : Quick Start Guide To EbooksChapter 5 : Mini Ebook Topic Generation TacticsChapter 6 : How To Create Your Mini Ebooks In 24 Hours Or Less!PART C – Mini Ebook TrafficChapter 7 : How To Get Your Mini Ebook Downloaded By The 1000’s!Conclusion : A Final Word

If you had ever wanted to…

Create your own ebooks at lightning fast speed in 24 hours or less…even if it’s your first attempt… Become a TOP affiliate and finally make a decent income from your affiliate programs… Brand yourself and your name all over the internet… Drive tons of relentless targeted traffic at will… Generate your own huge opt-in lists automatically…

…Congratulations! You’re going to have all the above (and more)!

It is incredibly quick and easy to profit from your affiliate programs with…“Mini Ebook Secrets”

All you’ve to do is just follow the simple instructions within, and as you can see, this is not some lame, slap-together manual…“Mini Ebook Secrets” is power-packed with 3 mind-blowing sections, explaining everything you need to know to begin immediately!

For example, here are just some of the hard-hitting closely-guarded techniques you can discover in PART A…

The FIVE factors to determine which affiliate program you should promote. Miss any of them and you’ll be setting yourself up for affiliate failure (gulp)! How to choose profitable target markets to promote to using TWO simple but often-ignored economic push-buttons. Do this and you’re guaranteed to make more money as an affiliate! FOUR must-have tools in every super affiliate’s profit arsenal. Not having a single one will mean significant reduction in affiliate earnings which you can avoid instantly! What the “ Profit Loop ” system is and how to use it to explode your traffic and guarantee automatic affiliate profits! The ‘insider secret’ to building multiple opt-in lists to the thousands without any additional effort! How to use a unique viral marketing strategy that will expose your offer like crazy while reinforcing it!

And if you’ve ever wanted to quickly create your own ebooks, you’ll be able to instantly with the fool-proof techniques in PART B…

Learn how to create your own viral mini ebooks to promote affiliate programs in record time ! Discover the absolute best format to publish your ebook in…and how to do it for free ! THREE simple ways to create professional looking ecovers without paying a cent for them! Surefire methods to zoom in on the exact targeted topics to create your mini ebooks on! FOUR proven methods to create a demanded ebook that people will WANT to download and read! How to make use of other people’s time, money and research to create a guaranteed hot ebook! Learn the FOUR shocking secrets that will create your ebooks in 24 hours flat! The absolute easiest and fastest way to create your ebooks without writing …and I’m not talking about interviewing other people, that alone can take days! THREE things you must include in your mini ebooks to generate unlimited affiliate commissions and floods of traffic!

How to get your mini ebooks downloaded by the 1000’s? PART C will show you the real techniques to do so!

The ONE method that will ensure your mini ebooks are downloaded like crazy! FIFTEEN (yes, you read that right) powerful and proven methods to get your free ebook into every corner of the internet! How to really promote with signature files, and a simple way to rotate your signature automatically! An absolutely stunning method to generate thousands of targeted downloads for as low as $5.95 a year! Discover how you can get $3,000 worth of pay-per-click credits completely free ! A simple unique twist to an existing traffic technique that will drive tons of targeted downloads to your mini ebook fast! These ‘Guerilla’ traffic tactics will blow your mind away and send your downloads into a frenzy…and more!

This information is priceless…

If you think you can’t win the affiliate war, think again. “Mini Ebook Secrets” will be your secret weapon for knocking your competitors out of the competition…even before they knew what hit them!The information hidden here can turn you from an affiliate loser to affiliate champion almost overnight…amassing huge profits month after month!You’ll also gain proven secret tactics to create super-fast ebooks and info-products that others are dying to know. This will reward you profitably many times over!Why go elsewhere when you can get everything here?And to make sure you do not get stuck compiling and creating your ebooks, (hey I’m a nice guy ? I’ve twisted arms to get you the following exclusive (read: not found elsewhere) bonuses – but only if you act fast!

Exclusive Bonuses If You Act Today :

(Don’t count on it, these may really be removed at anytime)

“Create PDF eBooks Instantly!”

(worth $17.00) Now You Can Point And Click Your Way To Instant, Hassle-Free PDF Publishing … Using One of The 23 Free To Nearly Free Tools..without spending $250 on Adobe Acrobat!(Comes with Master Resell Rights , so you can resell for 100% of The Profits!)

“Easy Ebook Creator”

(Worth $19.97) A Professional Grade Fully-Featured , Yet So Simple to Use Ebook Compiler and Software!If you’ve been looking for an ebook creator, Easy Ebook Creator is the world’s easiest and most effective ebook creator ever!

“Instant Cover Graphics”

(Worth $27.95) “Skyrocket Your Sales by Creating Your Own High Quality Cover for Your eBook, eZine, Software & more!” Create high quality covers to instantly boost downloads and sales without the expense of hiring an expensive graphics designer!Plus, you get to sell Instant Cover Graphics for 100% profit!

Plus If You Invest Right NOW…

You get your own ready-to-use Web Templates of the entire“Profit Loop System” to plug in and use instantly!

(value: priceless!) I had second thoughts on adding this as it’s very powerful – selfish of me ? I do want YOU to succeed at this, and what better way than to give you everything necessary to skyrocket your results?These templates are invaluable to achieving that success, so use it wisely!Now it’s simply a matter of opening up the templates in your favourite HTML editor, personalizing it to your liking and you’re ready to go, wow!

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