Java Specialists Superpack 2020

Java Specialists Superpack 2020

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Java Specialists Superpack 2020 Java Specialists Superpack 2020

Our entire Java Specialists Training in One Huge BundleThis Superpack 2020 contains all of our current courses, from Design Patterns, to Data Structures, how to Refactor to Java 8 Streams and Lambdas, Advanced Java and Concurrency.Besides saving a bundle on the bundle ? you also future proof your investment. Any additional training that we produce until the end of 2020 will be added to this Superpack for free.We recommend you complete the bundle in the following order:

  1. 34m – Build Your Own CircularArrayList In Under 34 Minutes
  2. 8h11m – Data Structures in Java
  3. 3h21m – Data Structures in Java Quiz Walkthrough
  4. 16h20m – Java Design Patterns Course
  5. 3h27m – Bits and Bytes
  6. 9h35m – Extreme Java – Advanced Topics
  7. 1h14m – G1 GC Deep Dive
  8. 4h13m – Solving Java Memory Leaks Live Class 2019-02-04
  9. 9h30m – Dynamic Proxies in Java
  10. 2h30m – Transmogrifier: Java NIO and Non-Blocking IO
  11. 3h18m – IntelliJ Wizardry with Heinz Kabutz
  12. 4h46m – Refactoring to Java 8 Streams and Lambdas Online Self- Study Workshop
  13. 43m – Threading Essentials
  14. 3h54m – Mastering Threads
  15. 14h34m – Extreme Java – Concurrency Performance for Java 8
  16. 1h1m – Thread Safety with Phaser
  17. 14h24m – Heinz’s Happy Hour Webinar Season 03
  18. 11h29m – Heinz’s Happy Hour Webinar Season 02
  19. 13h18m – Heinz’s Happy Hour Webinar Season 01

Live Classes Recordings – includes live student questions and answers:

  1. 18h42m – Design Patterns in Java Deep Dive LIVE June 2020
  2. 15h43m – Mastering Threads LIVE June 2020
  3. 18h15m – Mastering Threads LIVE June 2020

Bonus Material:

  1. 21h27m – Concurrency Specialist Course (includes live Q&A)
  2. 12h49m – Java Design Patterns Course
  3. 4h – Threads beherrschen auf Deutsch
  4. 1h42m – Juppies
  5. 12h58m – JavaSpecialists Tips and Tricks 2010-2017


  1. 5h23m – Entrepreneurially
  2. 53m – Helping “George” Get That Java Job

Total so far: 238 hours and 14 minutes

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