Jerry Karzen – Going With the Pattern Is Not Enough (for feldenkrais practitioners)

Jerry Karzen – Going With the Pattern Is Not Enough (for feldenkrais practitioners)

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In this four-day Jerry Karzen Training course, many common misconceptions in the Feldenkrais community are debunked. Going With the Pattern or not, how to integrate soft tissue work into a Feldenkrais lesson, and working in sitting are all discussed. Jerry demonstrates the breadth of his experience with small gems of insight spread generously throughout the four days and many stories of his time with Moshe. In addition to lively discussion there are substantial FI demos. Jerry offers examples of how to work with soft tissue in FI and discussions/demos related to working in sitting, as well as other orientations. (Jerry’s FI is legendary, and having access to them on DVD allows for in-depth Feldenkrais Learning.) Two of Moshe’s FI lessons are viewed and discussed, relating them to the theme of Going With the Pattern (or not). Each day also includes an ATM lesson.

Jerry Karzen has a unique place in our community as Moshe’s friend, organizer and travel companion. With more than 40 years’ of experience with the Feldenkrais Method, Jerry has much to share with our community at this stage of his professional life. Any active Feldenkrais Practitioner will find tremendous value in this advanced program.

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“Moshe sometimes (though rarely) went with a person’s “pattern” at the start of a lesson…. But then would proceed with the creation of a new pattern. His ability to create functional lessons–what the person could accept and needed at a given point in time–was truly the mark of his many outstanding achievements.” ~ Jerry Karzen

Disc 1

  • Introduction/Talk: Should we work with the student’s pattern? Intentional movement during FI
  • Q/A: Importance of the self-image
  • ATM 1: Mobilizing pelvic thrust (Source: Esalen)

Disc 2

  • Discussion: Making the simple complex: What appears complex is really simple
  • Analysis of FI Video Of Moshe: Laura – Standing on the knee, walking on the table
  • ATM 2: Breathing with the hands inside and outside the ribs (Source: Alexsandra Burt)

Disc 3

  • Discussion: Elinor Silverstein: Evolutionary Anatomy – Reptilian to mammalian development; Nasal breath & Nitric Oxide
  • ATM 1: Introduction To Walking 2 (Source: AY 275)
  • Embedded Talk: Elinor Silverstein: How Moshe taught in Israel; Working with trauma
  • Continuation Of AY 275: Walking ATM – Continued
  • Talk: What to do when you don’t know what to do: How to develop a Feldenkrais Technique
  • FI Practice

Disc 4

  • Q/A with Demonstrations: Sculpting people like clay: Incorporating soft tissue work into your FI lessons
  • Q/A: Thoughts on how to retain the Feldenkrais Learning after a lesson, what Feldenkrais Practitioners do and how to have a successful practice
  • Video with commentary: Lesson 3: Erin Learns to Walk: Examples of soft tissue work and not Going With the Pattern Is Not Enough

Disc 5

  • Discussion: What was Moshe doing during the lesson?
  • Video with commentary: Continuation of Lesson 3 with Erin
  • ATM: Butterfly Lesson (Source: Alexsandra Burt)

Disc 6

  • Talk: Thoughts on soft tissue work, balancing input stimuli and other strategies
  • FI Practice: Incorporating soft tissue work into FI lessons
  • ATM Lesson: Eyes (Source: AY 15)

About Author

Jerry Karzen studied with Moshe Feldenkrais at the FeldenkraisInstitute in Tel-Aviv from 1976-1983. During those years he was Dr. Feldenkrais’ personal traveling companion, secretary, and close friend.
Since 1980 Jerry has been the organizer or Educational Director for 25 Feldenkrais Training Programsin 9 countries, and has been a Visiting Trainer for numerous other programs. He is currently the Educational Director for Feldenkrais Practitioners Training Programs in New Zealand, Germany, and Brasil.

Jerry Karzen’s Going With the Pattern Is Not Enough for Feldenkra

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