Kevin Gianni – Cultured (Make Healthy Fermented Foods at Home)

Kevin Gianni – Cultured (Make Healthy Fermented Foods at Home)

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The claims of healthiest, most affordable and easiest to make are bold.

In this article, I want to show you why I think it is true.

I discovered cultured foods when I needed them the most.

After I was bitten by a tick and found a rash on my leg, I had to take 21 days of antibiotics to rebuild my digestion.

I started to feel unwell after 3 weeks of taking the medication. I was bloated and had a mix of diseases. I used to have bad skin in high school. I was found to have a very significant yeast infection after taking some tests.

To get rid of the yeast, I took herbal supplements to kill it, switched up my diet to include no sugar, and used natural remedies to get rid of the cysts that had developed, it was embarrassing and uncomfortable to be in public.

Donna Gates is the creator of the Body Ecology Diet and one of the world’s foremost authorities on the healing effects of ferment foods.

I had tried eliminating sugar from my diet and taking a lot of herbal concoctions, but it was Donna’s diet that healed my gut and everything else in the process.

I was better than ever before and I was back to normal.

I had not paid much attention to what I heard about ferment foods until then. Several new studies began to emerge about the link between compromised digestive health and various conditions and diseases after I discovered many people with similar stories. When I couldn’t figure out what was going wrong, fermentation helped me as it gave me a new interest. I was back on the right track.

I will be sharing what I learned with you.

Fermented foods may be one of the most powerful categories on the planet. They have many health benefits beyond just repairing the gut.

  • Increasing your energy levels.
  • Detoxifying and cleansing your system from harmful pollutants and chemicals.
  • Boosting your immune system to prevent colds, infection and disease.
  • Eliminating gas, bloating and poor digestion.
  • Improving your mood with nutrients created during the fermentation process.
  • And more!

They have more details about how they can help.

2. Anyone can make them.

3. They take minutes to prepare.

4. Fermented foods help rebuild your digestion.

5. They taste amazing

6. Cultures have used them for thousands of years.

7. Reduces inflammation and disease.

We’ve Gathered Over 70 Cultured Food Recipes from the Experts So You Can Learn to Make Your Own Fermented Foods at Home – Cheap!

“Cultured: Make Healthy Fermented Recipes at Home!” contains recipes that you can use to…

  • Increase your energy levels.
  • Detoxify and cleanse your system from harmful pollutants and chemicals.
  • Boost your immune system to prevent colds, infection and disease.
  • Eliminate gas, bloating and poor digestion.
  • Improve your mood with nutrients created during the fermentation process.
  • Save money on your monthly food bill by making these cultures at home.
  • Save yourself time! Fermented foods do all them work themselves.
  • Share the message of great health to others easily.

What Others are Saying about Fermented Foods…

“These “functional foods,” contain probiotics that can be beneficial to your overall health.* Beneficial bacteria in fermented foods help boost your overall nutrition, support digestion, and increase B vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, digestive enzymes, lactase, and lactic acid.* – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Here are just some of the recipes that you’ll learn to make when you get a copy of “Cultured”:

  • Sauerkraut
  • Applekraut
  • Kimchi
  • Pickles
  • Coconut, water, and dairy based kefirs
  • Almond, coconut and dairy based yogurts
  • Vegan and non-vegan cheeses and sour cream.
  • Miso – Soy and Non-Soy
  • Tempeh – Soy and Non-Soy
  • Rejuvelac
  • Chichas
  • Kvass
  • Mead
  • Gluten-free teff and lentil breads
  • Popsicles!
  • And more…

We have had a lot of fun trying these different recipes. Our home has turned into a commercial kitchen with things that ferment all the time.

Inside the book, there’s also a complete 40 page detailed section that explains…

  • How to make your fermented foods at home taste just as good as ones you’d find in the store – or better!
  • The proven science that demonstrates why you’d want to eat fermented foods regularly.
  • Why fermented foods are great for proper immune system function and why eating them can help you still healthy – when everyone else is getting sick!
  • How fermented foods reduce this specific marker for heart disease (and other illnesses too!)
  • How you can quickly eliminate chronic gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea in days.
  • Why fermented foods are awesome for improving skin issues like acne and rashes.
  • The link between cultured foods and allergies and how they can help improve your symptoms like itchy eyes, sneezing, snuffy nose and more.
  • What’s better: Fermented foods or probiotics?
  • If dairy foods like yogurt or kefir are bad for you or not.
  • How to know if your finished product is safe to eat (it’s real easy!)
  • If bacteria make it past the stomach alive (hint: some do, some don’t…)
  • And much more!

This is on top of something. 70 recipes. We have gathered that include cultured vegetables, sauerkraut, yogurts, kefirs, kombucha, kvass, mead, chichas, and more.

Here’s How You Can “Look Over The Shoulders of the Fermenting Experts” and Get Your Copy Today


Delivery Method

1. Fermented foods have amazing health benefits.

Something pretty amazing happens when you let foods ferment. They turn themselves into superfoods. Fermented foods contain many more healthy compounds such as enzymes and B vitamins that aren’t in the initial medium (what you started with!)

The health benefits are many and include boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation, better digestion, better skin, decrease or elimination of acne, elimination of gas and bloating, improving mood, improving allergy symptoms and more. As you can see, this is why I consider them possibly one of the best superfood categories on the planet.

Adding these types of foods – there are many, so take your pick – into your diet daily may be on of the most powerful thing you can do for your diet.

If I can make fermented foods, so can you.

The only foods I’m proficient at preparing are salads, smoothies, and fermented foods. This may give you a good idea of how simple fermented foods are to make.

My favorite part is that you don’t have to stand around and actively “make” them. The healthy bacteria contained in them do all the work!

The preparation is the work you need to do, which is generally pretty easy as well…

Most fermented food recipes literally take minutes to make. Usually, the extent of making them requires just a little chopping, a quick blend (if you’re making a brine) and adding a culture starter (some don’t even require that!)

The rest of the work is done by the bacteria. Imagine having a team of trillions of little chefs to prepare your meals every day. (Well, maybe a trillion would be too much for your kitchen.)

One of the major benefits of eating fermented foods is that they have been shown to improve digestion. If you have stress, have taken antibiotics, drink tap water (now or in your past), or taken many other medications (over-the-counter or prescription) chances are your digestion is impaired.

Fermented foods can boost the number of healthy bacteria in your gut which will help you digest your food better, reduce gas and bloating, and help you get more nutrition from you food.

While I like to stress the health benefits of foods, let’s take a step back and look at the most basic of all things when it comes to fermented foods.

They taste great!

Sauerkrauts and cultured vegetables are savory and delicious. Fermented drinks like kefirs, chichas and kombucha are refreshing and nutritious. Gluten-free breads like injera and idli are filling and hearty.

Each cultured food has it’s own distinct taste, so it’s up to you to experiment and find which ones you enjoy best.

For thousands of years, cultures have been using fermented foods as a way to preserve fresh food. One thing they learned over time is that through this process, the food also had added benefits. So when you eat fermented foods you’re not only tapping into thousands of years of food history, you’re also tapping into the ancient wisdom that has been passed along with the creation of these foods.

Ultimately, we all want to live as long as possible as healthy as possible. One of the biggest markers of disease is inflammation. Inflammation is something that even the stiffest of medical professionals can understand as being a factor in the cause of disease.

When you can eliminate or reduce inflammation in the body, your chance of getting sick decrease dramatically.

Eating fermented foods and healthy bacteria has been shown to reduce this disease causing inflammation – in turn keeping you healthier for longer.

With all these reasons and literally dozens more, it’s easy to understand why fermented foods will work for you and your schedule.

But where do you start if you’ve never made a fermented food before, or if you’re tired of the recipes you’ve been making?

 width= I’m a pretty curious guy and when I started to make fermented foods myself, I was always wondering why everyone was saying they were so good. The recipes that I tried didn’t come out like the ones that I could buy in the store.

So I contacted some of my colleagues who were fermenting experts – people like Donna Gates and Cherie Soria – to ask them what I was doing wrong. There were a few things, I learned, and they each shared a bunch of secrets with me about how to ferment and culture foods that you couldn’t find in many of the other resources.

After I learned all this, I had an idea that maybe everyone else would want to know these secrets as well – since apparently no one bothered to share them online! So I put a survey together to ask if a fermented foods recipe book was something that Renegade Health readers would buy.

The response was overwhelming, so I had no other choice but gather all the information I had learned as well as ask over 20 fermented food chefs (fermentologists? LOL) what their BEST recipes were.

That was the start of this book – now called “Cultured” – which is a massive library of cultured foods that range from sauerkraut, cultured vegetables, pickles, kefir, yogurts, gluten free breads, desserts, kombucha and more.

I want you to have this book, since I’m sure it will save you time, effort and experimentation – that I had to go through! Some of these experts have been perfecting these unique recipes for years!

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