Kinobody – Goddess Toning Program

Kinobody – Goddess Toning Program

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I’ve had a lot of women reach out to me and say, Greg, I see all these products for guys. When will you do a women’s course?

They have amazing changes.

 /></p><p>*Your results may vary</p><p>A lot of these guys, their girlfriends, their sisters, their friends are like, “I want to do Kinobody.” I was like, “It’s time to create a course for women.”</p><p>Not a lot a lot changes as far as men and women are concerned. The rules are still the same.</p><p>To lean down, you have to hit a calorie deficit.</p><p>To make that sustainable and achievable, you have to make it as enjoyable as possible.</p><p>To build great development so you have a nice shape to you, you’ve got to get stronger. The same game applies to women as does men, but there are subtle changes.</p><p><img class=


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