Daniel Blake – Daygame Ignition

Daniel Blake – Daygame Ignition

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Daniel Blake - Daygame Ignition Daniel Blake – Daygame Ignition

Get More Numbers, More Dates & More Lays From

Stunning Women You Meet In The Day (GUARANTEED!)
What’s Inside Daygame Ignition?

How to Become An Approach Machine Effortlessly approach women without fear.

70 Minutes of Never Before Seen Infield Footage With Breakdown See me pulling a hot Latvian girl during the day. With complete breakdown explaining how you can do the same.

Pull Girls Home During The Day Learn the most effective methods of meeting girls on the street and taking them home that same day.

Cut Flakes In Half Learn how to develop a deep connection with the girl so she wants to see you again… and again… and again.

Always Know What To Do And Say Daygame Ignition has video tutorials for every-step of the interaction from “hello” to sex. So you always know what to do and say.

Have Girls Hooked On You Learn the most powerful flirting techniques so you can have girls hooked on you and not wanting you to leave.

You Have Questions, I have Answers:

“WHAT’S THE FIRST THING I SHOULD DO?”Watch the video above. It’s absolutely necessary for understanding why you should even be here in the first place.

“ALRIGHT, I GET THAT DAYGAME IGNITION WILL HELP ME, BUT WHAT IS DAYGAME IGNITION?”Great question. Once you get inside, you’ll immediately be taken through a few phases.In phase 1, all you have to do is sit back, watch the designated videos, and let the information “download” into your brain. This is basically going to mind-fuck you. This is all the beliefs and mindsets necessary to become successful with women.You’re going to be mentally drained by the end of phase 1… But something great will also happen. You’re going to have a sense of hope – because you know that your life is about to change. And you’re going to feel secure about it because you’re going to know exactly what you need to do.If ALL you did was go through Phase 1, your outlook on life and girls would change. But that’s just the beginning…In Phase 2, the real fun begins. You’ll receive step by step chunks of the most successful and proven system for meeting women during the day.Every part of the system is broken down into small chunks with exercises so that you internalise it.In phase 3, I focus on getting you real world results. This is going to kick your ass into gear and literally force you to take action. I’m talking about:How to have a conversation with a woman that subconsciously turns her on. There are things you can say during an approach or a date that will make her wet. She won’t be able to control it, it just…happens. Once you try it, and see it working – your world will never be the same *insert evil laugh here*.How to escalate verbally and physically so that your interactions lead to sex.How to stop getting friend zoned. Ooooh, this is so easy to learn. Most guys get friend zoned because they don’t show any sexual intent and you’re going to know exactly how to avoid this.This is just scratching the surface. Putting everything you’re going to experience and learn in Daygame Ignition would be very impractical, so I’m just going to tell you the bottom line: Daygame Ignition makes it so ridiculously easy for you that failure will not be an option.

WHY IS IT A VIDEO COURSE?”The vast majority of Daygame Ignition is video tutorials. Breaking down every step, this way you will have information internalised with exercises, diagrams and more.

“WHAT IF I’M JUST LAZY AND UNMOTIVATED?”If you feel lazy and unmotivated then you’ve probably conditioned yourself to be that way. Daygame Ignition teaches you how to enjoy meeting women and shaves years off your learning curve by providing you with the most effective method of meeting women during the day.

“HOW FAST DO I GET ACCESS TO DAYGAME IGNITION?”You get access immediately, as soon as you enter your information on our secure checkout page. You’re going to get to the introduction video in literally less than two minutes.

“IF I BUY DAYGAME IGNITION WILL B*TCHES START JUMPING ON MY DICK?”Not straight away. There is no magic pill to getting good with women. You will need to put in work.We live in a “instant gratification” society where people want everything right now. And when it comes to getting good with women these people are destined to lose.On the other hand, if your someone who is willing to put in the work then you will go far. Listen, there is no overnight method of getting good with women . But, with Daygame Ignition I’ve made meeting and pulling beautiful women as easy as it could possibly be.

“I’M IN LOVE WITH THIS “ONE GIRL”… WILL YOU TEACH ME HOW TO GET HER?”This is probably the question I get asked the most.The answer to your question, yes- I will teach you the practical steps and mindsets to building abundance with women. This will mean you are able to talk and flirt with any girl and know exactly what to do to set up a date.


Although this isn’t my aim at the moment in life this has been the aim of a lot of students that I’ve worked with. Daygame has been a great way for them to meet the right girl. By having a system that created 5 plus dates a week, they were able to date a lot of women, find out what they liked and didn’t and have a long line of girls to choose a girlfriend from. And one of my students is now even engaged from a girl he met through daygame.

Sale Page: https://danielblake.teachable.com/p/daygame-ignition Archive: https://archive.ph/wip/BUvUF – After your purchase, you’ll see a View your orders link which goes to the Downloads page. Here, you can download all the files associated with your order.– Downloads are available once your payment is confirmed, we’ll also send you a download notification email separate from any transaction notification emails you receive from courselamps.org.– Since it is a digital copy, our suggestion is to download and save it to your hard drive. In case the link is broken for any reason, please contact us and we will resend the new download link.– If you cannot find the download link, please don’t worry about that. We will update and notify you as soon as possible at 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM (UTC 8).

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